Bird Nerds, le deuxième album de Bitch Prefect est une parfaite synthèse du groupe slacker en apparence, mais qui maitrise son sujet avec une confiance évidente, calé au fond du canapé, à penser à l'au delà.

Pour amoureux de pop à guitare.

Bird Nerds, Bitch Prefect's second effort starts with ‘Drifting’, the opening track and it sets the mood for an entire new journey. Leaving behind everyday stories of couches and kitchens, Prefect are taking their imaginations to the cosmos.

Bird Nerds is Bitch Prefect’s second LP and their best work yet. They take guitar pop in ten different directions over the album’s ten tracks, yet as a whole the record has intent and purpose. The result of focused improvisation and watchful collaboration, this LP sees Bitch Prefect escape the aviary, toward parts unknown.

With Bird Nerds, the band deliver an encyclopedic exploration of time, space and rare Australian birds. A whole new world awaits.

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