Family affaire quadricolore made in Brisbane. Composé de Daniel, Sarah et Luke Spencer ainsi que Luke Walsh. Illegals in Heaven est le premier album à proprement parler de Blank Realm.

Des éléments noise ainsi que pop s’entrechoquent dans un manoir au bord de l’effondrement. A écouter, en choisissant sa couleur (photos ci-jointes). Si même le Guardian les recommande chaudement, il est presque impossible de se tromper.



Hailing from Brisbane, Blank Realm consists of siblings Daniel Spencer (drums & vocal) Sarah Spencer (synth & vocal) and Luke Spencer (bass), along with their “Spiritual Brother” Luke Walsh (lead guitar, production).

Amazingly, the record was Blank Realm’s first foray into a recording studio (the album was made late at night at The Plutonium studio in Brisbane, with legendary sound artist Lawrence English at the helm). While it wasn’t exactly Abbey Road, this is the first record that truly captures the chaos and majesty of the band’s increasingly legendary live shows.

Under the guidance of English, Illegals in Heaven sees Blank Realm relocate their sound from the outback toilet into a crumbling, many-roomed mansion. Never sitting on a particular style for too long, Illegals is a restless yet unified journey into the Australian mystic. The band are increasingly delving into meta-physical and obscurist topics, but the achieved result is as catchy as ever.

Keen listeners will perhaps hear the influence of FeltWireThe TriffidsDevo, maybe even The Cure. Despite these multitudinous echoes, it is safe to say that there is nothing like Blank Realm. Long may they stay free.

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