Composé de Daniel Twomey, Jensen Tjhung, Sarah Heyward et Al Montfort (qui aura postulé, mais perdu au titre d’Australien de l’Année), Lower Plenty représente la quintessence de cette Australie passionnante, celle qui produit des perles Pop fantastiques avec une décontraction incroyable.

Cette Australie des grands espaces mais concentrée dans ses banlieues est célébrée sur le troisième disque de Lower Plenty, Life/Thrills. Moments exquis collectés dans ce disque touchant.

Named after a Melbourne suburb, Lower Plenty are comprised of some of the city’s most talented musicians. The quartet of Daniel Twomey (percussion), Jensen Tjhung (guitar + vocal), Sarah Heyward (percussion + vocal) and Al Montfort (guitar + vocal) hail from various other bands such as Deaf Wish, Total Control, UV Race and The Focus. A departure from the harsher sounds of their other projects, Lower Plenty create beautifully melancholy, suburban-country music that’s made (and often performed) while sitting around the kitchen table.

This, their third full-length record, is an amalgamation of recordings and captured moments from 2012 through to 2013, all pieced together by the band, stitched like a quilt to form the beautiful whole. It’s a collection, an arrangement, an exploration by the band into their own process and interaction with each other, slowly assembled to allow others an insight into their world.

A beautiful record and one that couldn’t come at a better time for Lower Plenty, Life/Thrills moves beyond a retrospective into a powerful statement about the possibilities in store for this band.

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